Wagers are sorted by the dates when they fall due. Details in parentheses give time of wager, and the initials of the other party.
  1. (With KG: July 2002.) In 2012, CDs will be a thing of the past. Instead, people will store their music on unitary storage devices such as current MP3 players. Though they may buy music in shops, this process will essentially be a matter of transfering music from the shop's file-system onto the customer's. Of course, the same process will also happen over the 'net.
  2. (With NM: ~2001.) In 2021, Mexico and the US will allow their citizens to freely live and work in each other countries, in an arrangement similar to that which currently pertains between the various countries of the EU.
The meta-bet: This page will continue to be accessible and readable on some form of publicly accessible network on the latest of the dates mentioned above.
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