Thursday, 5 February 2009

Easy Virtue

Listening to:

Bruckner, symphony no. 4 “Romantic”, played by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ion Marin.


As I virtuously climbed the stairs back to my office this lunchtime, and even more virtuously watched someone else go for the lifts, I realised that mine has been a life of easy virtue: I have never had any long-term job on anything higher than the first floor of a building.

Student job at Ministry of Commerce (1990–1994):
Ground floor
PhD at the University of Cambridge (1994–1998):
First floor
Post-doc at the University of Cambridge (1998–2002):
First floor (in the Bill Gates building)
Current NICTA job, in RSISE building (2003–2007):
Ground floor and first floor
Current NICTA job, in London Circuit building (2008–)
First floor

Exceptions: one month working for Inmarsat in London (quite high up), and roughly six months enrolled as a Masters student at VUW (second floor). With Inmarsat, I took the lift. At VUW, I took the stairs.