Sunday, 7 December 2008

It’s a wonder computers ever work

Listening to:

The whir of a Macbook Pro’s optical drive.

God I hate computers

I am attempting to install Windows on a partition of my Macbook Pro laptop. It’s turning into a real hair-pulling-out experience. My current task is to burn a copy of my Windows installation disk, because some opinion on the web has it that the optical drive doesn’t read Microsoft’s media very well. (This did seem to be the case just attempting to read the README files on the disk.)

But now I have a disk image ready to burn, and the drive is having fits over the blank CDROM I just put in it. I’ll try a blank DVD instead. That’s better I think: I guess my drive is getting picky about everything it’s doing. (And don’t get me started on getting Macs to eject things.)

With a disc it’s burnt itself, I’m hoping that the Windows installation process won’t get its knickers in such a knot.

But! What has really been exercising me is the general inadequacy of the Web as a reference vehicle. If you do a Google search on your problem, you will in all likelihood be led into a deep thicket of web-fora. If only the Web had somehow kept Usenet alive, so that there would be one good source for all this sort of discussion instead of zillions of little ones. In this brave new world, one just has to hope that Google’s algorithms for assessing the worth of the pages it finds are up to scratch and taking you to web-pages with answers that aren’t completely bogus.

My new disk image is just about burnt, so I will bring this entry to a close and cross fingers, toes and any other extremities I can find.