Thursday, 22 February 2007

Let them eat Australian Prime Ministers

Listening to:

Beethoven, string quartet op. 132 in A minor. Played by the Quartetto Italiano.

A new computer on my desk

My old work computer couldn’t cut it anymore, so it’s been replaced by a new and flasher PC, with bigger screens, more CPU and lots of general loveliness. The old machine was called raceme, a botanical term nicely pictured in this Wikipedia article. (It wasn’t a general invitation for other speedier computers to show it their heels.)

My new computer is called gorton, after an Australian Prime Minister who “began to be considered leadership material once he moderated his early extremely right-wing views”. Hmmm.

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Hail the foul weather

Listening to:

Dave Brubeck quartet, Blue Rondo à la Turk

Hail means I don’t have to go to work

There was a big thunder, lightning and hail storm last night at about 11pm. This morning, the radio news said that there had been quite a bit of damage as a result, and that ANU staff were being advised not to go to work because 60 buildings on campus were inaccessible.

Being not only curious but conscientious souls, we walked in anyway. There were great piles of ice all over the place, and lots of leaves and small twig-sized branches lying all over the ground. Over one playing field, where there had clearly been a lot of ice, there was a great cloud of mist, generated, we suppose, from the melting hail. It looked very impressive. There were yellow and black barriers across the road entrance into campus, and the receptionist at the RSISE building told me that it was closed, and that there was water all over the place. Certainly, the carpet tiles underfoot were a bit squelchy. I just hope gorton is OK.

We had a coffee at one of the campus eateries (they were doing a great trade), looked about (at least one big eucalyptus had fallen over), and then returned home. Maybe I’ll even get around to doing some work.