Sunday, 2 July 2006


Listening to:

Bruckner, symphony no. 8.

The World Cup has made it clear just how much of a blight penalty shoot-outs are. But I think there is perhaps one slight way in which they might be improved. Every game should start with one. Then, if the normal game ends in a draw, everyone knows what the result is at that point. The team that loses the shoot-out also has a lot more to play for, and will try their hardest to ensure the game doesn’t end in a draw.

Or perhaps just make the goal-mouths wider...

Monday, 31 July 2006

The Post Office

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The Beach Boys, California Girls.

The national post provides a dreadful service here in Australia. They are not open on Saturdays (even the banks, remarkable for the awfulness of their service, are open on Saturdays); they seem to under-staff their offices, resulting in tediously long queues all the time; and they don’t seem to allow stamps to be sold elsewhere. Perhaps the PO should just be privatised. (But John Howard’s government is obsessed with Telstra, which it hasn’t managed to privatise after a decade of trying, so my hopes aren’t high.)