Thursday, 11 January 2007

Happy Feet

Listening to:

Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet suite.

A recent movie:

Happy Feet. This is an animated film billed as being from the “same people” as did Shrek 2 and Babe. Happy Feet is all about an emperor penguin who can’t sing, and so won’t ever be able to attract a mate. (Apparently, there is some basis to this factoid, and it’s a cute idea to base a plot on, even if it isn’t true.) Instead, this penguin can tap-dance. So, I fully expected this to be a typical story about the outcast managing to show up the forces of conventional, hide-bound thinking, and to end up with the girl after all. (Needless to say, the hero penguin is a male one. Tap-Dancer is voiced by Elijah Wood/Frodo.)

But no. Sure, it works its way through a pretty standard story-line to start with: in exile, Tap-Dancer finds friends, comfort and comic relief among another species of penguins, who are all a deal hipper than the emperor penguins left behind. But then the last third to a quarter of the firm shifts focus pretty dramatically. We hear all about how the humans are eating all the penguins’ fish, and we get a very heavy-handed message about conservation.

If not actually a paid-up member of Greenpeace, I’m quite convinced that fishing is an industry way out of control, and that humanity does need to rein it in. (Even out of self-interest: if the fish-stocks are seriously depleted now, which is where they’re headed, then the fisheries may take generations to recover.) But it really does not work in this film. It’s positively jarring. Indeed, there is a very spooky series of scenes set in an aquarium that feel totally out of place. And you get a happy ending, but it feels completely unbelievable. Great political message (even if its handed out with zero subtlety), but not such a great film (early successful comedy notwithstanding). It does also feature some good songs.