Friday, 10 June 2005

Router magic

Listening to:

Debussy, string quartet. (His only one I guess.)

Hi-tech wizardry

I’m writing this on my lap-top, sitting in the lounge, and connected to the web wirelessly. Yes, all this is possible with modern technology. We bought a router over the weekend, and now we have two computers wired to it with ethernet cables, as well as the wireless connection to the laptop, when it’s at home. This feels pretty cool.

Of course, the lap-top generates far too much heat to be left on my lap for very long, even through denim jeans. (I will be turning it all off once I’ve done this.) In other “technology is not always quite so perfect” news, I think I have forgotten my Firefox master password on the laptop. I don’t have much protected by it, so I’ve tried to reset it. But it’s not clear to me that I’ve even managed to do this. Sigh...


I eventually fixed my master password issue by deleting the files key3.db, cert8.db and signons.txt, and then restarting.

Posted by: Michael at June 11, 2005 01:48 PM