Monday, 1 December 2003

Mahler, Milner and gross consumerism

Listening to:

Mahler, Das Lied von der Erde. Cod-Chinese poetry from the late 19th century

Look down there! In the moonlight on the graves
there crouches a wild and ghostly form—
it is an ape! Listen, how its howling
rings out amidst the sweet scent of life!

set to stunning music.

  • Consumerism leads to excess in the USA.

  • An interesting interview with Robin Milner, the fourth most cited author in Computer Science, and generally impressive guy. Before the interview moves onto more technical material, there’s much of general interest in Milner’s early career and schooling. For example, he’s amusing on having to do Latin and Greek at Eton.

    I was pleased with myself for spotting the way in which the interviewer and Milner use slightly different idioms of English. For example, the interviewer mentions Milner going to Edinburgh to take up a professorship. Milner corrects this to “lectureship”. The interviewer also talks about “math”, while Milner says “maths”.