Friday, 25 July 2003

Storage issues (+ sex and media tittle tattle)

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The Guardian newspaper is moving to the US. So says this article from New York magazine. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of optimism on the part of The Guardian’s owners I guess, but it does seem pretty unlikely to succeed.

Now that prostitution has been legalised in New Zealand, an Auckland brothel called Monica’s has been advertising for staff. This has annoyed the US Embassy in NZ, because the advert used an American style crest with crossed American flags and a bald eagle logo, and the ‘club’ is described as being downstairs at The White House. (The BBC.) It all smacks of a conspiracy to wind up Americans.

To close on a more serious note, this is an interesting article about the state of computer storage today. Disks are getting bigger at an incredible rate: densities are doubling every year, and I guess that means capacities are not far behind. But the speed at which data can be retrieved from disks has only been improving at a rate of 7 to 10 percent each year. Networks certainly can’t keep up with this increase in storage capacity either, so one of the people interviewed in this article talks about how he finds it easiest to just mail whole computers to his colleagues rather than attempting to transfer the data over the Internet.


Ah, the "jumbo full of disks" of lore.

I'm finding this myself now - I'm working on MRI stuff, so figure 512x512 pixels times 48 anatomical slices times 9 time slices per case - really quite sizeable data sets. Uploading data from the scanner clinic to my machine in NYC is a major pain, and uploading data from NYC to Ithaca is such a colossal headache that it's truly easier to just write CDs and get the bus. So that's what I do.

It would be easier still if someone else would mail them to me or whatever, but that would require me not to be at the bottom of the totem pole.

Posted by: Amy at July 26, 2003 01:09 AM