Thursday, 17 April 2003

US behaving badly; NICTA CEO

Listening to:

Abba, The definitive collection.

I’d normally aim to write on Friday, but I will be on an Easter holiday tomorrow, so I am writing early.

An honourable soul has stepped in to get my Diplomacy game going again. I wouldn’t have disbanded the army in Ukraine myself, but you can’t have it all.

A couple of depressing stories about the powers taken up by the state in the US:

  • In Portland, OR, the police are happy to look through your garbage, but figures of authority were less happy when these journalists did the same to them.
  • Again in Oregon, Mike Hawash, a US citizen, is being held in prison without being charged for any crime, and has been there since 20 March. Oh yeah, he’s also an Arab-American. Luckily for him, he also has some well-connected friends, so that his story is getting some publicity.

I (along with a room full of others), met the new NICTA CEO this morning. He is Mel Slater, recently of Motorola.