Tuesday, 8 April 2003

A cook’s tour

Listening to:

Bach, suite no. 3 in C major for cello, but played on the guitar by John Williams. This works quite well.

Just read:

Anthony Bourdain, A cook’s tour.

This is a fun book, describing the author’s journey around the world in search of the “perfect meal”. He deliberately sets out with the intention of going to various “cool” places, and so he goes to a mafia bar in Russia, into the Moroccan desert to eat whole sheep, and to Cambodia. He includes some more obvious culinary destinations too, such as France, Spain, Japan and Vietnam. (In fact, he so likes Vietnam that it gets three chapters to itself.)

As he did in Kitchen confidential, Bourdain writes well, in a style that is usually only half-serious, but which can change to allow effective emotion as well. His book is interesting about exotic places and practices, and a very enjoyable read.

Now reading:

Charles Dickens, Our mutual friend.

I recently bought HTML & XHTML: the definitive guide by Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy (published by O’Reilly). Inspired, I have converted this web-page to use Cascading Style Sheets. This means that my little validation button on the right will now tell you that this page is HTML4.01 Strict. And we all like strictness, don’t we? (I would put in the little button telling you that my CSS was valid too, but things would start to look gaudy, I think.)

The little text input box is supposed to mail me your input, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. This may just be my local setup, so I encourage experimentation!