Thursday, 20 March 2003

Granta 80, moving faff & trading celebrities

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Dvorak, Eight humoresques, op. 101.

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Granta 80: groups (contents).

This issue of the literary magazine wasn’t particularly memorable. I think the best pieces were Luke Harding’s description of what happened at Mazar-i Sharif (when a large number of Taliban prisoners took over the fort they were bgin held in, and were then almost all killed in retaliation), Lindsey Hilsum on two farm experiences in Zimbabwe, Paul Theroux’s predictable but engaging story about boys taking revenge on a pedophile priest, and Marcos Villatoro on going to a Catholic seminary in Iowa in the early ’80s.

Now reading:

A. N. Wilson, The Victorians.

I have been a very busy person over the last week or so. The confident chap who predicted that the house-moving activity was just about over last week, is now the the war-weary veteran of a week later. A couch, bed-frame and some chairs will arrive on Saturday, and we have also handed in our inventory report to the real estate agents. So yes, things are moving forward.

I’m also pleased to report that I have now been allocated a Medicare number. This process took a lot longer than signing up with the NHS in the UK, I tell you. I needed to demonstrate that I really well and truly am now permanently resident in Australia. Documents supporting this wild assertion included proof that I’d left a job in the UK, shipping documentation from Pickfords, a letter of appointment for my new job here, lease agreement documents for where we’re living, and my passport. They’d have also liked to have seen the one-way plane ticket from the UK. Boy! Anyway, it’s finally done.

Last but not least, a link or two. This story led me to the BBC’s CelebDAQ, a stock exchange for trading stocks in celebrities based on their media exposure. The Guardian story above explains it well, and quite amusingly.