Monday, 14 October 2002

Oscar Wilde and Archæology

Listening to:

Debussy, string quartet, played by the Belcea Quartet.

Still reading:

Elizabeth Gaskell, Wives and daughters. Just past halfway.

A recent movie:

The importance of being Earnest. This was my first ever exposure to Oscar Wilde's play, so I quite enjoyed the film for the plot and good one-liners. On the other hand, it was clear to me that the film had been seriously over-egged. It wasn’t just Judi Dench playing another of the stereotypically fierce old lady characters that seem to be her special prerogative. There were a number of decidedly over-the-top moments: backsides being tattoo-ed, medieval fantasies brought to life, and hamming it up that bordered on the ridiculous.

And finally, a web-log by an author who really knows how to lay out a web-page.