Thursday, 12 September 2002

I am a virtual criminal

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I was doing all right, from Oscar Peterson plays the Gershwin songbooks.

I was walking through the centre of town this morning, and went past a shop that was recently vacated (the business moved down the road). This morning I saw that, like the emergence of weeds overnight, the shop had gained red "Sale now on" posters in its windows and an interior full of tat, including cheap luggage. I have this mental picture of luggage sellers roaming the streets, looking for empty shops into which they can decamp while a proper lease-holder is found. Over a period of years, shop fronts in town must present quite a kaleidoscope.

I've been playing quite a bit of a computer game called Thief II recently. It's quite suspenseful and enjoyable, for all that it's two years old. Most of the missions I've played to date have featured quite a variety of routes to success, which makes things appealing. No-one likes being rail-roaded. It's also nice to have the choice of degrees of violence: to sneak past the guard, to knock him unconscious with a black-jack, to swipe at him with a sword, or to shoot him from a distance. Options, gotta just love 'em.

But then, computer game violence is a contentious subject. Just don't attempt to debate it on a TV talk-show.