Tuesday, 13 August 2002

Ill met by moonlight

Listening to:

Stravinsky, music from the ballet, The Firebird.

Just read:

W. Stanley Moss, Ill met by moonlight.

This is Moss's diary of his WW2 mission to occupied Crete to kidnap Major General Heinrich Kreipe, one of the top military men on the island. Stanley Moss was accompanied by another British SOE operative, and a handful of Cretan accomplices. It's a short and exciting book to read, with a narrative that whizzes along, despite the fact that the heroes spent most of their time hiding in caves and gullies. The whole mission would never have succeeded without the support of the Cretan people, both those that played a direct role in the kidnapping mission, and those that supported them in hiding and avoiding German search parties. Stanley Moss makes this clear, and writes with a definite affection for Crete and its people.

Now reading:

Karen Armstrong, The battle for God.