Friday, 21 June 2002

Soccer and first-person shooters as recruiting tools

Listening to:

Felix Mendelssohn, Song without words, op. 30 no. 3.

England are out of the World Cup after losing to Brazil 2-1. The US is playing Germany, and currently down 1-0. The game this morning was quite exciting, and I think this not even having seen any of the goals. I came in on it just before Brazil had their man sent off. They seemed to play quite well to keep England's chances to a minimum.

I thought this preview article was quite fascinating. The US Army is going to develop and release a free first-person shooter computer game as part of its recruitment efforts. They are going to try to be quite realistic in their depiction of military combat. This is clearly the future for recruitment everywhere: Fancy a job with us? Here, first play this game to give a virtual reality sample of what it's like. Of course, with my job, they'd just need to sit the potential recruit down in front of a screen and leave them there.