Thursday, 13 June 2002

Bumps and graphics cards

Listening to:

Dvořák, Slavonic dances.

I should have written yesterday, but I was caught up in the University Bumps. I was coxing a graduate boat from St. Catharine's, the men's 4th boat. This is a “grad boat”, and I’m subbing for their regular cox, who will be coxing today and on Saturday. You can see us at position 88 on this chart. We rowed over, and it was really quite exciting.

In computer game news, I really should put in a good word for the latest craze to hit the home PC: Morrowind. This is definitely a very slick game. It induced all sorts of angst as we installed a new graphics card for our PC. (On setting it up 2 years ago, we were confident that we wouldn’t need anything in the way of 3D acceleration, because We don't play that sort of game. Heh. Things don’t need to be first-person shooters to make very impressive use of 3D acceleration.) But once the card was in place, and DirectX 8.1 correctly installed too, it all worked, and there was much rejoicing.

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