Monday, 27 May 2002

Girlfriend arguments

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Something stupid, sung by Frank and Nancy Sinatra. I really like this song, but I've never heard of C. Carson Parks, who wrote it. He’s got a web-page and I don’t recognise any of his other songs. I wonder how rich you get on the back of a top of the charts song from 1967.

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Vikram Seth, A suitable boy.

Have you heard? Not watching the ads is theft.

This web-page is difficult to judge. It’s a list of things the author and his girl-friend argue about, and is quite amusing. Nonetheless, it’s hard to believe anyone would really be so publicly critical about their other half. She might well have a really thick skin, or find it all amusing herself. I almost think that the whole character is a fictional creation. Believing that makes it easier to laugh at the comedy. The author also makes fun of himself, so it’s not totally one-sided either.