Tuesday, 16 April 2002

Carpe Jugulum

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Bach, concerto for flute, violin, harpsichord, strings and basso continuo, BWV 1044 Triple Concerto.

Just read:

Terry Pratchett, Carpe jugulum.

This is an enjoyable addition to the DiscWorld series of comic novels. Though it features Granny Weatherwax, about whom I have complained in the past, she isn’t the all-conquering hero that she was in earlier novels, and her eventual victory over the bad guys (vampires) is cleverly done. The vampires are really the stars of this novel, and they’re very amusing. The main villains are what you might call “nouveaux vampires” (they prefer the spelling vampyre, for example), and this gives Pratchett the opportunity to poke fun at all of the clichés associated with vampire stories.

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Granta 73: unnecessary journeys.

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