Friday, 8 March 2002

Towboats, games and reviews

Listening to:

Oscar Peterson and his trio playing Thags' Dance. Weird title. If you look up Thags' dance on Google, you mainly get links about this very album (The sound of the trio). I did find something purporting to be Tibetan, where a Thag was some sort of tiger-like evil spirit, though.

Update: the liner notes reveal all. Thags was a nickname for the trio’s drummer, Ed Thigpen.

I attempted to link to a neat set of pictures on Wednesday, but a keen-eyed reader pointed out that the link was broken. Here's an alternative link (“don’t try this at home”) and also to some text, claiming to explain it all.

I have just finished a stint of Civilisation 3 playing. I remember seeing the first Civilisation game on a friend's computer in the early 1990s, and being quite entranced. Civ3 is very good in the same mold, and with lots of extra enhancements. I have won a couple of games at the easiest difficulty level (sending a space-ship to Alpha Centauri as the Romans in one, and dominating two thirds of the planet's surface, principally through conquest, as the Germans in the other). I will have to crank up the difficulty another level.

I've started a page of interesting game reviews (the word “interesting” qualifies “game”, not necessarily “reviews”).