Thursday, 28 February 2002


Listening to:

Shostakovich, string quartet no. 3 in F major, op. 73.

In my travels around the web, I usually keep JavaScript turned off. With it on, I usually get more grief than help. The browser seems more liable to crash for a start, but I also get all sorts of garbage dumped on me by web-page authors who think that their scripting skills make all the difference to their page. Given that most of the effects are pure glitz, I just find this attitude annoying. Sometimes JavaScript is even worse; it pops up extra windows, ignores my font size specifications and is generally a nuisance. For example, the Hunger Site now uses JavaScript to do that annoying window pop-up thing.

On the other hand, the JavaScript effect on this page deserves to be seen. Yes, it’s annoying and impractical, but it’s cool. (Waggle your mouse around a bit.)