Thursday, 13 December 2001

Cambridge admissions interviews

Listening to:

Bach, St. Matthew Passion.

I didn't write an entry on Tuesday because I was interviewing prospective undergraduate students for college. The whole process is rather weird, and also invidious, because you know that roughly two thirds of the candidates are going to have to be rejected. The university has a nice set of pages about the process, which tries to be as reassuring as possible, but it's still pretty intimidating for the students. I also can't help wondering how well I, at age 17, would have answered the questions I, at age 30, asked.

I'd share the questions just to convey a sense of the sort of things we asked, but we might want to use them again, so I think we'll practice a bit of security through obscurity. (On the other hand, you can always read about some interview experiences at sites like this one.) Or, if a candidate, you could get yourself professional help from these people. Spooky!