Wednesday, 8 August 2001

Entry #204

Listening to:
Pietro Castrucci, concerto grossi in D, Op. 3/12. Castrucci is a Baroque Italian composer (dates 1679-1752).
I suppose it's pretty obvious by now that I spend a fair bit of time in this log on my book reviews. It's quite a fun activity, and I like having my reactions to what I've read available in text. Even if no-one else ever reads them, I know I will refer to them in the future. Book reviewing is also popular elsewhere on the web. Here are some book review links that I think are worthwhile.
  • First, a cautionary tale about the Yahoo directory of book review sites.
  • Traditional media: the New York Review of Books; has a good search engine. Often interesting political articles, as well as reviews of art exhibitions.
  • Danny Yee's reviews: over 500 reviews of a whole slew of books. Tends to have a slightly scientific bias, but there's nothing wrong with that. Occasionally reviews very technical books (in history and science) that it's hard to imagine ever wanting to read.
  • By way of contrast the GoodReports has precious little science, but nice reviews generally.