Saturday, 14 July 2001

Blog Logistics

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Shostakovich, piano trio no. 2 in E minor, op. 67.

I’m again writing at home. Yesterday was too busy by far. I have figured out how to write my entry at home and then transfer the resulting HTML file to my Comuter Lab machines. I use Lynx to look at the page, hit \ (backslash) to get the HTML source for the page, and then p to print that onto a file, and then I’m done. It would be marginally easier if I could transfer files from the PC to the Computer Lab directly, because I could then download from the Web using Explorer and then move things from home PC to Lab. Unfortunately, SSH1 doesn't support file transfer (or so my software claims), so I have to do things the non-obvious way.

At some stage last year I waxed lyrical about a neat article I found on Games Domain about realism in war-games. The guy that wrote this is one Bruce Geryk, and it turns out he has a home-page, with links to lots of stuff he’s written elsewhere on the web. A nice resource.