Friday, 29 June 2001

Köchel Numbering

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Mozart, sonata for violin and piano in A major, K305 (293d). This music classification business is more complicated than you might think. Why do you suppose there are two Köchel numbers for this piece? And why does one of them have a d suffix? I believe the original numbering scheme was revised as more works were discovered, and also as it was realised that some works thought to be by Mozart weren’t actually by him at all. Now this doesn’t in itself require a renumbering; you could just have a scheme with gaps that occasionally acquired new, later numbers.

No, the real problem, and the source of the revisions, is that the numbers are supposed to increase with date of composition, and the relevant scholars have changed their minds about when some of the works were written. Further, certain works have such famous numbers by now that they can’t be shifted around. It’s a problem. The new edition of the complete Mozart catalogue is discussed here. There’s also a cute discussion of other “letter” catalogues on this page.


Don’t expect that singles badminton will be just fractionally harder and more exhausting than doubles.

Feeble excuses

Zounds! Is that the time? Higher-order matching part II will have to wait until next week.