Thursday, 21 June 2001

Nielsen, and various links

Listening to:

Carl Nielsen, symphony no. 5, FS97. I’m listening to the first movement of this piece, which features a rather sinister side-drum. It’s a use of percussion that reminds me of Shostakovich. At one point in this movement, the player of the side-drum is instructed to improvise as if at all costs to stop the progress of the orchestra.


I've been looking at Open Source licences recently. This is because we are thinking about moving the development of the HOL theorem-proving system to SourceForge, and they insist that all projects have an approved Open Source licence.

After talking about expensive air-bag controllers, David Chess is very interesting here on libertarianism and whether or not people really should be allowed to discriminate.

Finally, an interesting tale (from Salon) of corporate culture, and how it changes in the face of succees and money. It would be easy to just say that the arrival of success and money caused an inevitable decline and deterioration in what had hitherto been an idyllic paradise. In my reading of the piece though, the situation before was problematic too. So, I have to be value-neutral, and simply say that change occurred, and that many people were upset.

Change often upsets people, particularly if they have minimal influence over the nature of the change. So far, I’m coping fairly well with the move to our new building, for example, but who knows what psychosis may yet be in store?