Wednesday, 13 June 2001

Coursework and heels

Listening to:

Prokofiev, symphony no. 1 in D major, op. 25 (“Classical”).

I’m just back from the last lecture in the Lab’s series of mini-courses. There were four courses, two of two lectures, and two of four lectures each. All were on quite theoretical topics. Why should this be? I can’t believe that there’s nothing to be said in non-theoretical areas. It probably just boils down to the fact that the Cambridge lab has always had quite a theoretical focus. There are also quite a few theorists at the local outpost of Microsoft Research.

HTPE#4: In March this year, I complained about an aching heel. The intermittent aching hasn’t entirely gone away, so I have turned to the power of the Web to see what might be wrong with me. Simply trying the words heel ache at Google brings up quite a range of useful looking pages. It seems that I may have what I think is a fairly mild case of what is termed “plantar fasciitis” and/or “heel spurs”, as described here, for example. The remedy at this stage would seem to be calf stretches, and being gentle on my feet.