Thursday, 7 June 2001

Entry #182

Listening to:
Haydn, piano sonata no 46 in E major, Hob. XVI: 31. I have no idea what the "Hob. XVI:31" means. Clearly cataloguing Haydn's works is a fairly major undertaking, with a need for hierarchical identifiers.
A recent movie:
The talented Mr. Ripley. I wanted to go and see this in the cinema in February last year, but never did manage it. Instead we watched it on DVD. It's a very good film, but definitely not for the faint-hearted. It's decidedly creepy. The central character turns into a psychotic mess before your eyes, and it's really quite horrifying. It's all about identity theft, which is quite apt for this day and age, and very well-plotted; there aren't any glaring plot-holes to distract you. In fact, it all seems quite plausible, which just makes it all the more disturbing. There's no real gore; the nastiness is mainly implicit and off-screen, and this makes it at least as effective. (The official web-site.)
Oh, I should have said. It's the UK general election today. I've done my bit and cast a vote (Commonwealth citizens can vote in UK elections; isn't that neat?) We don't have a TV, but it looks as if the online coverage, courtesy of the BCC, will be pretty good.