Tuesday, 22 May 2001

Entry #176

Listening to:

Marin Marais, Sonnerie de Sainte Geneviève du Mont de Paris. French Baroque music is quite distinctive. It took me a while to get used to it, being much more familiar with German music of the same period (by Bach, for example).

A recent movie:

The dish. This is an Australian movie starring Sam Neill, and tells the story of the radio telescope in the small Australian town of Parkes that helped relay television pictures from the moon landing in 1969 to the rest of the world. It’s quite lightweight really, and handles its comic moments a little better than its dramatic ones.

The real strength of the film is in its portrayal of the excitement and tension of being involved in such an important project. The film also makes sure that the Australian scientists conform to the typical Antipodean stereotype of unassuming, witty competence.

For genuine details on what really went on, you can refer to the Parkes Observatory home-page.

Game Progress

I’m pleased to report that I have made progress with AoE2. In particular, I have got through scenario Joan VI. It seems that you need to use your big initial army to knock out all of the Burgundians (two bases) and the Shrewsbury army before you attempt to establish your own base. Doing this behind Shrewsbury's old walls worked well for me.