Friday, 6 April 2001

HOL training

Listening to:

Mendelssohn, symphony no. 3 in A minor, op. 56 “Scottish”. Felix did actually go to Scotland at one point, so it seems reasonable that he should have been inspired by what he found there. I’m currently up to the sprightly second movement (Vivace non troppo), which opens with a gorgeous theme on the woodwind.

Foo and more

A reader suggests this variation on the bee poem:

I'm as busy as a bee with a bum full of honey

but we agreed that mine is better.

Ever wondered about this foo word that computer-geeks seems so fond of? Now, there’s an RFC explaining all. It's an April Fools RFC, but this doesn’t make it any less informative.

The work that has been keeping me so busy recently (running 'round like a blue-arsed fly even) involved the production of many, many slides to be used as training materials for the teaching of the HOL system. I’m just about done now, and happy to say that if you want to see my handiwork, you can do so here. The slides were all produced with the Prosper style for LaTeX.

Another part of the project involved the creation of a "case-study" proving confluence for combinatory logic. Combinatory logic is what underlies the neat obfuscated programming language Unlambda (it even has a Comprehensive Archive Network, like TeX, and Perl).