Tuesday, 13 March 2001

Brahms and internet coffee

Listening to:

Brahms, symphony no. 4 in E minor, op. 98. There’s a moving account in Swafford’s biography of Brahms of him going to see a performance of this work just weeks before he died. When the performance finished, he stood in his box to acknowledge the applause, and with tears running down his face, shocked all and sundry with how obviously ill he was. Like his other three symphonies, this is one of my favourite works; dramatic, full of feeling and lyrical.

Now reading:

Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit. Staying firmly in the nineteenth century. In the edition I’m reading, this is a 700 page epic, and may take me a while to finish.

Coffee cam to go

What I’ve seen described as the world’s first web-cam (I don’t know if this is accurate or not), is closing soon. Yes, the Cambridge coffee pot is going out of business because of our imminent shift to new premises. Our system administrators recently sent round an e-mail to the effect that this news has caused real problems for our web-server. Usually it’s new things that cause request spikes.

Here are the top six requested files on our server:

  #reqs: %bytes: filename
  ------ ------- --------
4227765:  0.84%: /cgi-bin/xvcoffee
2670749:  0.42%: /coffee/coffee.html
2340190:  0.99%: /coffee/icon.gif
1144792:  0.46%: /
 809399:  1.17%: /users/iwj10/linux-faq/
 610109:  1.43%: /users/mn200/music/composers.html

(I had to make it a top six in order to show my composers page’s position.)