Wednesday, 28 February 2001

Entry #147

Listening to:
Sullivan, overture to Macbeth. This is Sullivan of Gilbert & Sullivan fame. As the great film Topsy Turvy made clear, Sullivan fancied himself as a serious composer, as well as, or perhaps instead of, a composer of comic opera scores. His serious music isn't bad, but it isn't really that memorable. Tuneful.
Still reading:
Deacon's Symbolic species. Heavy (and slow) going but this is due to the density of the material. Full of all sorts of interesting ideas and arguments that have changed my perspectives on a number of things. More when I finish it.
Oh yeah, this is Wednesday, and I should have been writing on Tuesday. Umm, this is because Tuesday disappeared. Something happened to it anyway.

More Pascal-bashing; this time from Bruce Tognazzini, famous for being an HCI guru for Apple in the 80s. It's a bit of an unreasoned rant really; he doesn't specify what it is about BASIC that is good, and what it is about Pascal, JavaScript and C that is bad. He further attacks C and Pascal for having had bad environments in which to develop, but again doesn't specify what was bad about them.

A much-cited, and interesting paper on why "Content is not king".