Friday, 23 February 2001

Getting up early and a game recommendation

Listening to:

Bax, symphony no. 3.

Up early for the career...

Well I got the conference submission off, so it’s all in the lap of the gods now. I got up at 6am yesterday and today to do it, so I’m feeling pretty tired as I write this on Friday evening. Getting up an hour earlier than normal, and then rushing through the morning routine produces a result that is gratifying at the time: you get into the office that much earlier, and because you're only just out of bed, you feel quite fresh. Working late has never been as appealing to me as working early. By the time you get ’round to being there late, you’ve been there far too long, and you’re sick of the place. Whereas going in early means that your day’s extra hours are all the beginning of the day when you’ll feel positively raring to go.

Of course, it’s possible there is a flaw in my reasoning...

The latest game at home is The Longest Journey. We finished this a week or so ago, and thought it pretty neat. The finale seemed to be doing some seriously angling for a sequel it was so underplayed, but otherwise the story and the puzzles combined really well. So, that’s a recommendation, and you will note, a brand new link. I like to throw them in occasionally; the blue underlining looks so cool.