Thursday, 15 February 2001

Desolation Island

Listening to:

Puccini, La Bohème.

Holiday reading:

Patrick O’Brian, Desolation Island.

Yes, yet another O’Brian novel (the 5th, if you’re starting to lose track). I really enjoyed this one, at least partially because it was again quite different in feel from the previous novels. In this novel the main military threat is a Dutch ship that is a lot bigger than Aubrey’s, the French don’t appear at all, and the Americans make an appearance. The descriptions of the Southern Ocean are very scary, and the thought of the poor Whitbread Round the World yachts having to contend with those sorts of conditions is made that much more vivid.

Context switching agway from HOL

I finally managed to release the latest version of the HOL theorem-proving system yesterday. Now I have to do a big context switch, get NT install scripts out my head, and work on other stuff.