Monday, 5 February 2001

Granta 64 and a dead monitor

Listening to:

Mahler, symphony no. 4 in G major. Another traversal CD; soon I’ll be onto Mozart, the most well-represented composer in my collection.

Just read:

Granta 64: Russia, the wild east.

This was a good collection of pieces about Russia. (In fact, there was one non-Russia piece, but everything else was “on theme”.) There were a couple of fiction pieces, both of which I enjoyed, and the rest were all non-fiction. Given how far behind I am with my list, it should be no surprise when I say that there’s nothing about Putin in this collection; the modern things are about the era of Yeltsin and his last years.

The non-fiction is all interesting, though often rather depressing. For whatever reason, Russia was often a violent, scary place during the 20th century, and this is reflected here. There are two photo essays included, and both are very atmospheric.

A dead monitor

Our computer’s monitor expired on Saturday morning. I turned it on, it made a horrible graunching, scraping, croaking noise, and then smoke started to come out of the back. It was fairly foul smelling smoke too, I have to say. With luck it will be replaced tomorrow, thanks to the 2 year warranty.

No time for more.