Thursday, 18 January 2001

Negative reviews and hunting

Listening to:

Shostakovich, violin concerto no. 1 in A minor, op 99. This is dramatic and exciting music, with a great part for the soloist.

A lost comic:

General Protection Fault. Good title (it’s the phrase that comes up when it all goes horribly wrong on Windows machines), and reasonably drawn. Fairly interesting characters, and the mandatory talking animal (a slime mold actually) doesn’t often feature. Set in a computer company, and sporadically amusing. Far too interested in telling long, soap-like stories than keeping the reader consistently amused. Takes its supernatural elements (demonic secretary, and strange jester figure) far too seriously.

A recent movie:

East is east. We saw this on DVD last year, and were very disappointed. What the hype would have had us believe was a touching, humourous but gritty look at life growing up in a Muslim family of Pakistani origin (with an English mother) in the north-east of England, was in fact poorly written, full of unpleasant stereotypes, toilet humour and generally quite unfunny. Not recommended. (IMDB page.)

Yesterday the House of Commons in the UK voted (by over a 2-1 margin) to ban hunting with dogs in England and Wales. There’s a good chance that the bill will fail to make it into law because the House of Lords will stall it until the next election, which is expected in May. The main opponents to the abolition of hunting call themselves the Countryside Alliance, and have a website. Interestingly, there is another Countryside alliance website out there. It has a .com domain-name, and the material is American. Most interesting of course, is the fact that it’s an animal rights site; see for example their FAQs on hunting and fishing.