Friday, 27 October 2000

Computer Game Reviews

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Haydn, piano sonata no. 46 in E major, Hob. XVI: 31. This is classical piano music. It’s quite elegant in its way, and definitely easy on the ear. I don’t think I’m experienced enough that I could tell this from Mozart. I think I could with their respective symphonies, but piano sonatas offer fewer clues because you can’t listen to things like orchestration.

I continue to be fascinated by computer games. I don’t necessarily play them that much (far too busy for all that, you see), but I make a point of regularly checking the What's new section of the Games Domain Review site. It’s perversely reassuring to see how many games get fairly negative reviews. All these games that look crap on the shelves really are crap.

Better yet, games attempting to make quick bucks out of crap TV shows really are stinkers:

But instead they released this hastily produced pile of cack which, and I’m not kidding here, has no value whatsoever - even if this cost 20p to buy instead of the £9.99 it's being flogged for, it still wouldn’t be worth buying. In fact if this wasn’t a family site, the whole review would be naught more than a string of expletives. This game is so worthless, it doesn’t even deserve to end up as mug mat.