Wednesday, 20 September 2000

Mahler, Elgar and Handel

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Mahler, symphony no. 10. This symphony is one that Mahler never finished himself, but which was subsequently published as a “performing version of Mahler’s draft”. Mahler’s wife was initially suspicious of the project to do this, but was apparently brought round to the idea on hearing the initial performances of this version. It does sound like Mahler, and there doesn’t seem much argument against letting the world in on music that would otherwise be accessible only to musicologists, who would be forced to imagine it as they read the manuscripts.

Elgar’s third symphony was recently turned into a performable work in a similar way.

Cute Water Company

I rang the water company this morning to pay our bill. They put me on hold for a little while and played me some music. It was a familiar baroque piece (but not Vivaldi’s Four Seasons I hasten to add), and I thought Good on them for putting something interesting on. A few seconds later, I realised that the familiar music was in fact Handel’s Water music. Nice! I felt like congratulating the operator who eventually answered the phone and talked to me.