Monday, 21 August 2000

Show me love

Listening to:

Beethoven, string quartet in C major, Op. 59, No. 3 (Razumovsky).

Still reading:

Mitford, Our village. I didn’t make much progress with this over the weekend because we went to London on Saturday to visit my parents, and on Sunday morning we went swimming.

Sanitised English titles

We went to see the Swedish film Show me love (original title: Fucking Åmål) on Friday night. I thought it a very good film, with a wonderful happy ending and a very affecting story all in all. It apparently did as well in Sweden as Titanic. There are pages of comments on the IMDb page, from people all around the world, and they are almost all very positive. Rightly so, of course.

From someone in Onsala, Sweden:

This was a great movie. But after I saw it I hated life. And found out of meaningless it is. And if Åmål is so boring that they say in the movie. Then they should see Onsala. The most boring town in the world.