Wednesday, 28 June 2000

Entry #66

Listening to:
Stravinsky, Symphony of Psalms. This is a recent recording with Pierre Boulez conducting the Berlin Philharmonic. It has picked up a not entirely positive review at the BBC music magazine. I don't have any other recording, so I can't tell at this stage.

The third movement, which I'm listening to now, is quite beautiful and serene, with hushed voices singing over a gentle tympani pulse.

Of course, we're all big fans of Open Source these days. Whether you're an old style believer in the way of the FSF and the GNU system, or perhaps a more liberal, caring, 90s kinda person in the mold of Eric Raymond's famous Cathedral and Bazaar philosophy, you know that free software is where it's at.

However, it's also important to realise that it's not a panacaea. John Viega describes the way in which open-source does not cure security problems, and can even exacerbate them (because they're more readily found) in this interesting article and Eric Raymond (again) describes a similar issue with respect to the Quake 1 game.

Not that I lap up everything Raymond writes. He has an essay on the right to bear arms that I find completely astounding.