Wednesday, 7 June 2000

Plant and Fiji news (with robotic delivery?)

Listening to:

Bach, English suite #1 BWV 806.

My famous weeping fig (it’s featured in every incarnation of my Cambridge home page since I got here in October 1994) is looking a bit poorly these days. I think it’s because it went for rather a long spell without being watered. Although I’m now being much more conscientious about giving it regular doses, it still seems a bit unhappy. I don’t need to give the trunk any more than a gentle shake and I’m guaranteed to have one or two pale leaves detach and come floating down. Further, the leaves seem happy to do it on their own overnight, so one corner of the desk is gradually being covered in dead leaves.

Fiji is to be excluded from some high-level body within the Commonwealth until there is a resumption of the rule of law. At the moment, the coup leader, George Speight is insisting that he be prime minister in any interim government appointed before new elections are held under a new, suitably racist constitution.

The news-reading “robot” Ananova (also described in this Washington Post article) would tell me all about it, if only I wasn't running Linux, I guess.