Tuesday, 6 June 2000

Entry #56

Listening to:
Pergolesi, Stabat Mater. This is the one work that Pergolesi is really famous for. It is scored for two voices (a soprano and an alto in the recording that I'm listening to), strings and continuo. Pergolesi died at the age of 26, and this work was written in the last weeks of his life.
My second-to-last entry attempted to use the HTML <blockquote> device to present the text of the Japanese poem. I used <br> elements to end the lines, and to put a blank line between the two verses. Disturbingly, even such a simple task as this ends up looking different on the three different browsers I have access to, Netscape, Internet Explorer and Lynx.

Explorer seemed to do the best job; it indented the text, and was happy to put the blank line in place. Netscape neither indented the text, nor put a blank line in between the text preceding the poem and the poem itself. I put an extra <br> into the text just to fix this, so now the Explorer version looks odd because of the extra line's worth of white-space. What a pain!

It seems that Google has come up with a new form of web-searching, called MentalPlex.