Friday, 2 June 2000

The Green and Slender Willow

Listening to:

Shostakovich, Six Romances on words by Japanese poets, op. 21 for tenor and orchestra. The current poem is called An immodest glance and reads (in English):

The green and slender willow
had her swaying trunk laid bare,
when the wind blew, and drew
the branches aside.

And today, my beloved,
I glimpsed your legs,
when the wind blew
and played with your light dress.

Racy stuff, classical music, you know!

The makers of the computer games Thief (and its sequel, memorably called Thief II) have gone out of business.

I would have liked to have written yesterday, in order to help clear the entry deficit but my computer was down and out all morning and receiving the ministrations of a qualified professional (i.e., not me!).