Wednesday, 31 May 2000

Entry #53

Listening to:
Bruckner, symphony #4 in E flat major "Romantic".
Democracy is a funny thing. The coup in Fiji has not developed well. In Northern Ireland, the peace process is moving forward again, but the Democratic Unionist Party has decided that it will retain its two seats on the now re-established governing executive, but that it will periodically rotate the Ministers in question, and that it will try to hinder the institution as much as possible.

The decision to rotate positions seems very odd; although they've already vowed never to sit down with Sinn Fein, perhaps they fear that if they filled the posts with the same people for any length of time, those people would become corrupted by democracy, and lose their enthusiasm for wrecking the whole system.

Curiously, the DUP calls what everyone else calls the Good Friday agreement, the "Belfast Agreement".