Friday, 19 May 2000

A Room With a View

Listening to:

Brahms, Intermezzo in C sharp minor, from Three Intermezzi, op. 117.

Just read:

A room with a view by E. M. Forster.

I read this while on holiday in the south of France, and it seemed appropriate to be reading about Italy and its effect on the English while in another warm Mediterranean country.

I thought ARWAV was OK, but not great. Part of the problem was that the characters weren’t really that sympathetic. Sure, you’re meant to like Lucy Honeychurch, but she remains a bit of a cipher in my opinion. Somehow the reader is only told about her mental and emotional turmoil, and not able to really feel it. This makes reading the novel a rather detached experience. I suppose the cause of this is that it’s difficult to identify with Lucy’s predicament because it’s so foreign to our everyday experience.

Now reading:

Howard’s End by that man Forster again. My opinion of this is higher. The principal characters don’t seem as diffident (alternatively: in such obvious need of a kick up the backside), and the general Forsterian humour, which I definitely appreciate, is still there.

La Belle France

So, as alluded to above, I’ve been in France for a holiday recently. This has caused the log to go into entry deficit. I will attempt to do four entries next week and the week after to make up for this appalling situation.

The trip away saw me see some great sights: Les Baux de Provence, Arles and Aigues-Mortes.