Wednesday, 10 May 2000

Galaxy Quest

Listening to:

Beethoven, Fidelio. This is the recent Naxos recording. It got quite positive reviews, so I thought that £10 for two CDs was almost certainly worth it. I’m not attempting to follow the libretto (only in German) or the plot synopsis (in English) from the booklet. I’m happy to get a sense of the music from just having it on in the background.

Galaxy Quest

Health Tip from Personal Experience #1:

Don’t eat acidic apples on empty stomachs in the late afternoon.

I went to see the film Galaxy Quest on Friday evening. It is brainless stuff really, but amusing nonetheless. There is an "official" web-page for the movie that is a good send-up of movie fan-sites in general.

Sure, this sort of spoof, of movies and of fan-sites, is easy to pull off as the targets are so obvious, but that doesn’t stop them being amusing.