Friday, 5 May 2000

Local Elections

Listening to:

Mozart, piano trio in C, K 548. Sprightly, ebullient music.

Democracy in Action

I’ve yet to see a copy of the I love you virus. But then, I don’t use a Windows machine, so it wouldn’t have affected me in any case. It’s clearly kept David Chess busy; his log entry for yesterday is very short indeed.

England had a bunch of local elections yesterday. It was good to go to the polling station and feel that one was doing one’s bit for democracy. By virtue of Commonwealth citizenship, I am even able to vote in the UK’s national elections; which is just as well in terms of supporting democracy because I can no longer vote in New Zealand elections, having lived away for too long.

There doesn’t seem to be an official elections result page for these elections on the Web. The newspapers have results (Cambridge council is now controlled by the Liberal Democrats), but not in any particular detail. I have no idea whether or not the particular councillor I voted for got in or not. The council’s page hasn't been updated yet.

Our towels were still damp from swimming on Wednesday, so we decided to skip it today. The shame, the shame!