Wednesday, 3 May 2000

Games with the Universe

Listening to:

Schumann, symphony #1 in B flat major, op 38 "Spring".

I should have explained yesterday that the reason I was writing on a Tuesday rather than Monday was that Monday was a Bank Holiday in England (and possibly other parts of Britain too). We were nominally celebrating May Day. Any excuse for a holiday as far as I’m concerned.

Perhaps the May Day connotations affected my choice of colour scheme for the month.

Another thing I should have said yesterday was that although I bought all six Forster novels at once, I decided on getting them that I wouldn’t read them all in a row. Instead I get to read two, and then break for something else. That’s how Dyson gets to appear between The longest journey and Room with a view.

In another of my little games with the universe, I have started wearing shorts. The intention is that I will keep doing so until 1 October. As I tell the incredulous, I had to wear shorts all year round when I went to secondary school, so just doing so for 5 months of the year shouldn't be too difficult. (It does get colder in Cambridge than in Wellington though.)

While on the subject of calendars, I recently discovered the site for the Long Now project. It's something I'd like to know was going to succeed, but the nature of things is such that the best we'll see is it set up and lasting our lifetimes.