Monday, 17 April 2000

Starting The longest journey

Listening to:

Mozart Coronation mass in C major, K. 317.

Still reading:

The longest journey by E. M. Forster. I read the first few chapters of this on Sunday morning. I like Forster’s style; his writing seems quite lucid and unaffected. I’ve only managed a few chapters so far, but the characters don't seem as well-drawn as in Where angels fear to tread. They’re not as vivid. I could grow to like the main character Rickie E., but his is still a character that clearly has a lot of developing to do. Just as you’re not meant to approve of everything Pip does in Great Expectations, so too Rickie has some growing up to do.

I was playing the tourist guide in Cambridge yesterday for a friend over from NZ. Miraculously the weather improved after a dreadful Saturday. You can see what Cambridge looks like right now, if you like.