Monday, 3 April 2000


Listening to:

Mahler, Das Lied von der Erde.

Just read:

Hogfather by Terry Pratchett.

I read this in bed on Saturday morning, and thought it was great. Highly recommended. Of course, Pratchett's Death is a great character, and the wizards of the Unseen University are also very clever.

Now reading:

A pick of Punch, a collection of bits and pieces from Punch magazine. It’s not bad, but there are fewer laughs per page than in the Pratchett.

The person who compiled the collection is Miles Kington, who I think now writes a column for the Independent newspaper (their web-site requires JavaScript; ugh!). His taste, as revealed by both his columns and his selections, is all too fond of mannered whimsy in my opinion.

New Zealand have just lost the third cricket test to Australia. Cricketing news courtesy of the great CricInfo web-site.